Home theater
Round table,
2005, 100x180 cm, canvas, oil
2007, 80x180 cm, canvas, oil
Exit to a balcony, 2006, 130x110 cm, canvas, oil Sleeping Beauty, 2003, 120x90 cm, canvas, oil The slightly opened case, 2003, 150x100 cm, canvas, oil

Without name,
2006, 100x80 cm, canvas, oil

2011, 120x90 cm, canvas, oil

12 persons, 2021, 149x110 cm, oil on canvas

Hotel, 2022, 110x180 cm
oil on canvas

Holiday, 2021, 110x140 cm, oil on canvas

Entrance hall, 2021, 190x140 cm. Oil on canvas

Flashback 1, 2021, 120x90 cm. Oil on canvas View of the kitchen, 190x90cm, 2022, oil on canvas

Sketch with a sugar bowl, 2005-2022, 120x190 cm. Oil on canvas

View from the bedroom, 2022, 200x120 cm, oil on canvas

Sofa, 2015-2022, 180x120 cm, oil on canvas

Hanged, 2021,149x110 cm, oil on canvas

Morning, 2019, 90x120 cm. Oil on canvas